if you look after your land & animals They will look after y u

At Blue Goose we are committed to farming and ranching practices that put the welfare of the animals first.

Our promise to you as a consumer is that Blue Goose will always ensure that our animals are

humanely treated, & proudly raised by a ,Canadian family farm.

  • Blue goose chicken - Certified Humane
  • Blue goose cattle - Global Animal Partnership
  • Blue goose trout -Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard
Blue goose chicken - Certified Humane

Blue Goose Chicken

Certified Humane

Blue Goose Certified Humane Chicken

Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) is the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production from birth through slaughter.

The goal of the program is to improve the lives of farm animals by driving consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices.

The Animal Care Standards set out by Certified Humane come from a scientific committee comprised of animal scientists and veterinarians from Canada, Europe, the U.S and South America.

The standards are upheld through annual inspections conducted by scientists and veterinarians who are experts on the species they are inspecting. These are independent inspections of all farms, ranches and slaughter facilities.

Certified Humane Chickensee our Certified Humane products

Blue Goose Chicken

Organic Poultry

Blue Goose Organic Chicken

Blue Goose Organic poultry is Canadian Organic Certified. This means our farm and entire supply chain is inspected yearly by a third party body, the Centre for Systems Integration, to ensure our chickens are grown to strict organic standards.

Our organic chickens are fed a proprietary, non-GMO, all vegetable feed that keeps them healthy and happy. We also do not include any antibiotics in the feed, as we believe their own immune system can keep them healthy.

Organic poultrysee our organic products

  • Access to outdoors illustration

    Access to outdoors

    N° 1

    Blue Goose chickens, when the weather permits, have the ability to leave their barns and access vegetation covered pasture. The outdoor area is monitored for predators and any objects that could harm the chickens. Whilst many chickens are content with the comforts of a barn, during an average day, a proportion of the chickens will venture outside and return to the barn at their leisure.

  • Natural feed illustration

    Nutritious feed

    N° 2

    Blue Goose organic chickens are raised and tended to by farmers who take pride in their welfare and ensure that they are fed a nutritious, vitamin enriched diet, that is 100% vegetable feed with no animal by-products. A bird must travel no more than 13 feet to access its water and feed.

  • No antibiotics Growth illustration

    No antibiotics or growth promotants

    N° 3

    No antibiotics are allowed with Blue Goose organic chickens.

  • Free range barns illustration

    Free Range barns

    N° 4

    No cages, wires or slotted floors are permitted. Birds must be free to express their natural free range behaviours.

  • Lower stocking level illustration

    Lower stocking levels

    N° 5

    Blue Goose farms allows for double the space of conventional birds. This allows Blue Goose chickens more space per chicken to move in the barns than conventional barn raised chickens.

  • Natural bales and perches illustration

    Natural Bales and Perches

    N° 6

    Hay bales and perches are placed in our barns to provide enrichment and activity for the chickens.

  • Safe transporation illustration

    Low stress transportation

    N° 7

    Care is taken when individually catching birds. No overcrowding is allowed and noise must be kept to a minimum during transportation.

  • Being socially responsible is in our DNA. Because healthy land produces healthy animals.

    Canadian Organic Chicken
Blue goose cattle - Global Animal Partnership

Blue Goose Cattle

Global Animal Partnership

certified humane beef

Global Animal Partnership, an international, non-profit, charitable organization founded in 2008, brings together farmers and ranchers, animal welfare advocacy organizations, scientists, and retailers - a diverse group with the common commitment to continually improve the lives of farm animals.

certified humane beef product coversee our Beef products

Blue Goose is rated a Step 4 out of 5 in the Animal Welfare program, enabling it to be a priority supplier to Whole Foods in the BC area.

  • Organic Beef

    No antibiotics or growth promotants

    N° 1

    No antibiotics or steroids are allowed in the Blue Goose cattle program. If an animal is medically treated, it is removed from the organic program.

  • Pasture and range illustration

    Pasture and range

    N° 2

    Blue Goose cattle must spend ¾ of their lives on pasture and open range, when the weather permits. At the Abattoir, Blue Goose cattle receive a grass silage, which consists of 90% grass, organic legumes and organic barley.

  • Safe Handling illustration

    Safe Handling

    N° 3

    Blue Goose cattle are moved by flag at the Abattoir, and must be handled in a manner that takes into consideration the animals natural response to stimuli.

  • Low Stress Environment illustration


    N° 4

    The design of Blue Goose’s Abattoir has been built on the foundation of creating a low stress environment for the cattle. Each step in the process ensures that the animals welfare is considered a priority.

  • No Bullying illustration

    No Bullying

    N° 5

    Any animal bullied by another must be removed from the group and put in a safe location.

Blue goose trout - Canadian Organic

Blue goose trout

Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard

canadian-aquaculture-industry-alliance logo

The goal of the organic aquaculture standard is to encourage sustainable and environmentally sound seafood production.

Specifically, the organic aquaculture standards prohibit the use of antibiotics, herbicides and genetically modified organisms, and severely restrict the use parasiticides, allowed only under veterinary supervision as a last course of treatment.

Blue Goose Organic trout product coversee our trout products

  • Nutritious feed

    Nutritious feed

    N° 1

    A nutritious feed must be utilized that is compatible with natural environment diets and meets the species’ specific nutritional needs.

  • No antibiotics or growth promotants

    No antibiotics or growth promotants

    N° 2

    No antibiotics are allowed with Blue Goose trout, and no growth promoting hormones can be administered.

  • No synthetic appetite for flavour enhancers

    No synthetic appetite for flavour enhancers

    N° 3

    No antibiotics are allowed with Blue Goose trout, and no growth promoting hormones can be administered.

  • Room to swim freely

    Room to swim freely

    N° 4

    Blue Goose trout are given ample space to swim freely and avoid any overcrowding in the lake.

  • Water depth

    Water depth

    N° 5

    Blue Goose trout are raised in water depth that creates a balanced environment and promotes natural behaviours.

The facts don’t lie.

  • Our beef is pasture raised and receive a l00% vegetarian finishing feed free of added antibiotics and growth hormones at the abattoir.
  • Our chickens are raised in open barn concepts in low population densities, and are fed a 100% vegetable diet.
  • Our trout are raised in densities that promote healthy, high quality fish.
Blue Goose Pure Foods

At Blue Goose, we believe in cage-free environments and farms that are never overpopulated. We believe that our livestock should never be fed animal by-products and that they should always be hormone and antibiotic free. We take pride in the high quality food we produce and these are the standards we hold ourselves to.

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