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The only thing we add to our food is pride

Premium organic and antibiotic free proteins, proudly raised in Canada.

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Blue Goose
Organic ChickenThe Orgranic Choice
Blue Goose
Certified Humane The Humane Choice
Blue Goose
PURE CHOICE The Pure Choice
Free to roam and natural perching conditions
Access to outdoors when climatic and environmental factors permit
No antibiotics used
No animal by-products used
Ontario raised
100% vegetable feed
GMO free
Certified Humane raised and handled, with strict rules and guidelines confirming that all birds are raised with dignity and respect.
  • Blue Goose Rainbow Trout

    Blue Goose raises Rainbow Trout in the pristine waters surrounding Manitoulin Island, a secluded location known for its undisturbed conditions, and excellent year round temperatures.

    Our Rainbow Trout are raised in as natural conditions as possible, short of swimming free in the wild. They swim in open net pens at densities that promote healthy, high quality fish.

    Blue Goose owns its own hatchery, producing high quality fingerlings, in addition to its own fish farm.



    Blue Goose Trout

    Blue Goose rainbow trout can be found at Sobeys Ontario, and a variety of fine restaurant in the Ontario region.

    To find our trout near your, please visit our store locator.

  • The Blue Goose Cattle Company - Certified Organic and Premium Beef

    Blue Goose has been proudly raising cattle in Cariboo, BC, since 1992. We follow a vertically integrated approach to looking after our animals, controlling each step from birth to retail.

    We ensure our animals have access to all that nature provides naturally. That means our calves are raised by their mothers until they are weaned, and then they have free range to forage organic pasture. Additionally, we strive to provide the highest standards of animal feed and care.

    This means our animals are unmedicated beyond vaccinations for disease prevention; they receive a l00% vegetarian finishing feed free of added antibiotics and growth hormones; and they are processed at a government certified Abattoir. The custom grain finished beef that results from our efforts has no artificial additives or preservatives and is noted for its exquisite tenderness.

    Blue Goose Beef

    Blue Goose beef can be found at a variety of fine retailers in British Columbia. To learn more about Blue Goose Cattle please visit here http://bluegoosecattle.com/

The facts don’t lie.

  • Our beef is pasture raised and receive a l00% vegetarian finishing feed free of added antibiotics and growth hormones at the abattoir.
  • Our chickens are raised in open barn concepts in low population densities, and are fed a 100% vegetable diet.
  • Our trout are raised in densities that promote healthy, high quality fish.
Blue Goose Pure Foods

At Blue Goose, we believe in cage-free environments and farms that are never overpopulated. We believe that our livestock should never be fed animal by-products and that they should always be hormone and antibiotic free. We take pride in the high quality food we produce and these are the standards we hold ourselves to.

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Blue Goose Chicken Stock
Blue Goose Chicken Stock

Blue Goose Chicken Stock

Now available at all Sobeys Ontario locations.

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Our Rainbow Trout gets the Poké-treatment from Chef Joe Friday

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