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Stuffed Homemade Pita with Chicken and Haydari Sauce

  • February 25, 2016

I recently discovered a wonderful Chef named Jane Coxwell. She is the head chef on Diane Von Verstenberg’s boat and she has a way of taking beautiful simple ingredients and elevating them to completely eye popping beauty.


I have to admit, I often find myself attracted to food pictures and recipes that are vibrant in colour and use local in-season ingredients. Lets all be honest, a tomato is January from thousands of miles away doesn’t even slightly taste like the one you buy in July or August from your local farmer’s market.


When I read this recipe that I loosely based on one from her book, I definitely imagined so many possibilities for the stuffing but being winter in Canada, I figured I’d settle on one with an herby dip to brighten the finished product.


When I made them, they were going to be served to the family for dinner so I made them fairly large but you could definitely make mini ones to serve as an appy at your next party!


I’d also like to point out that these little wonders could be stuffed with a huge variety of ingredients:

Greek – Spinach, feta and chicken with Tzatziki
Indian – butter chicken with Raita and Chutney
Middle Eastern with Potatoes, peas and Cauliflower with Tahini sauce
Pizza with any of your favorite toppings as the stuffing dipped in Pizza sauce
Buffalo Chicken with Blue cheese!

Ok so that’s just a few from the top of my head!

My one suggestion is the process is to knead it for the whole 10 minutes and be patient with the rising!

Happy Cravings!Happy Cravings!

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