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Blue goose FAQ

  • Are your chickens kept in cages?+

    Absolutely not. Blue Goose chickens are never kept in cages, and are free to roam in the barns, and are let outside when weather permits

  • Are the chickens given antibiotics?+

    Our farmers believe that if a bird is raised naturally, it doesn’t need antibiotics. Under Blue Goose guidelines, our chickens are never administered antibiotics

  • Are your chickens free range?+

    When weather permits, our chickens are allowed access to the outdoors. When weather doesn’t permit, our birds freely range in their barns that have been designed to replicate their natural conditions

  • What are the chickens fed?+

    Blue Goose chickens enjoy a nutritious diet comprising quality grains, such as wheat, corn, and soy, and supplemented by vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum health and well-being. Our feed is 100% vegetarian, free of any animal by-products

  • Where are your chicken barns located?+

    All of our poultry barns are located in Ontario. We’ve partnered with a group of family owned farm operators who share our values for raising high quality chickens the way natured intended. If you’d like to visit our barns, please send an email to info@bluegoosepurefoods.com

  • Do your chickens have access to sunlight and fresh air?+

    Yes. Our barns are equipped with natural ventilation systems that allow fresh air to circulate through the barn. All of our barns have windows, allowing natural light in. We do not use artificial light to over-stimulate our animals.

  • How are your chickens processed?+

    Blue Goose follows the highest standards when it comes to the transportation and processing of our chickens. Our catching and transportation methods are audited and set by the leading third party organization on animal welfare, Certified Humane. Our chickens are processed at a federal plant in Bradford, Ontario, that is both Organically and Halal certified. Our chickens are always air-chilled, ensuring no additional water is added during the chilling process.

  • What is the difference between Blue Goose Organic and Blue Goose AABF (Antibiotic and Animal By Product Free) chicken?+

    Animal By-Products allowed in feedNoNo
    Independent audits by third party organizationsYesYes
    Antibiotics allowed in animalsNoNo
    Access to outdoors when climatic and environmental factors permitYesYes
    Ontario raisedYesYes
    GMO soy and corn freeYesNo

    Why is GMO Corn and Soy used in your AABF chickens? At Blue Goose, we’ve always operated under the belief that everyone has the right to healthy food, from well-raised animals. Part of living this belief is about offering people choices, which is why we worked with our retail partners to offer a Natural Line and Organic line of products. The feed portion of raising our chickens represents upwards of 50% of the cost. The difference between a GMO free feed (which is given to our Organic animals) and a non-GMO free feed is upwards of 80% increase in cost of the feed. Adding this cost to our price point for our Natural Chicken and Fish at retail is something that would be unaffordable to many Canadians, and run counter to our mission of making healthy food from well-raised animals accessible to everyone. As a company we will continue to challenge our feed suppliers for our Natural chicken and fish, to find alternative sources to GMO feed. We will also look for alternative suppliers that can offer a GMO free product without having to dramatically increase costs for you, our customers.

  • What standards do you adhere to?+

    Blue Goose raises and processes its chickens according to the animal welfare standards set out by Certified Humane - the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production from birth through slaughter. In addition, Blue Goose Organic products follow the organic rules and regulations set out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

  • Where are your cattle raised?+

    Blue Goose cattle are raised in the semi-remote region of Cariboo, BC. All of our cattle are pasture raised on our deeded, owned and leased lands, and graze across high quality grass

  • What are your cattle fed?+

    • Our cattle are pasture raised during the spring, summer and fall months, and are fed the same pasture in the form of hay during the winter months.
    • There are no pesticides in the feed. Our cattle are never fed animal by-products.
    • At the finishing lot, our cattle are fed a grass silage, which consists of organically grown legumes, high quality hay, and a small amount of organic barley
  • Do you have traceability of your animals?+

    Being vertically integrated, Blue Goose has full traceability of our cattle, being able to track them from birth through to your local grocery store

  • Are your cattle steroid and added hormone free?+

    Our cattle never receive steroids or added hormones

  • What do you do when the animals become sick?+

    Blue Goose prides itself on raising healthy animals. If and when an animal does becomes sick, it is treated and removed from our program

  • How are your cattle processed?+

    • Blue Goose owns its own Abattoir in BC, meaning only Blue Goose cattle are brought through our state of the art facilities, reducing any cross-ranch contamination.
    • The design of our Abattoir was inspired by the designs of Temple Grandin, a leader in cattle animal welfare and in creating low stress environments. No over crowding is allowed, and animals are moved by flag to reduce stress. Each animal is handled one at a time, and at a slow speeds to ensure total care and attention to animal needs is followed.
    • Each year external audits are conducted of our facilities
  • What standards do you adhere to?+

    • Our cattle are Certified Organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, and are Canadian Angus certified.
    • Blue Goose is also a Step 4/5 with the Global Animal Partnership. A respected body on Animal Welfare

    For more information on Blue Goose cattle and how they are raised, please visit Bluegoosecattle.com
  • Where are your trout from?+

    Blue Goose raises Rainbow trout in the pristine waters surrounding Manitoulin Island, Ontario, a secluded location known for its undisturbed conditions, and excellent year round temperatures.

  • How do you raise your trout?+

    Our Rainbow Trout are raised in as natural conditions as possible, short of swimming free in the wild. They swim in open net pens at densities that promote healthy, high quality fish

  • What are they fed?+

    Our trout are fed with a sustainable feed consisting of fishmeal, minerals and vitamins

  • How are they processed?+

    Our trout are harvested on site, using techniques that meet strict requirements for the humane treatment and handling of fish.

  • What standards do you follow?+

    Our Organic Certification is through the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standards, sanctified by the Canadian government, and upheld by strict yearly audits. Blue Goose is the only Certified Organic Rainbow Trout grower in North America

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