Our Poultry Farmers

  • Blue Goose partners with a select group of family run farms in Ontario to raise its AABF (Antibiotic and Animal By Product Free) and organic chickens.

    At the farms, our birds are raised on wholesome, vegetable grains without the use of any antibiotics or added hormones. They also have space to roam in modern barns with natural light, natural perching conditions, and ventilation, and have access to outdoor pastureland when the weather permits.

  • Our birds are raised to the exacting animal welfare standards of Certified Humane, a leading third party organization on animal welfare. Our organic chicken flock is raised in the same barns, and is Certified Organic by the Centre for Systems Integration.

The Rechsteiner Family

  • Rechsteiner Family Farm
  • A second generation farmer, Andy has been raising chickens since 2004 in the Listowel, Ontario area, since he and his family moved to Canada from his native Switzerland.

    Andy and his family believe in raising birds in as natural conditions as possible, and that you don’t need antibiotics to raise a healthy and happy chicken.

    Blue Goose chose to partner with the Rechsteiner family due to their belief that you don’t need to use antibiotics when raising chickens, and their reputation for strict animal welfare practices.


Our Beef Farmers

  • Blue Goose has been proudly raising Organic cattle in Cariboo, BC, since 1992. Our cattle are Canadian Angus certified, are certified Organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, and are a GAP 4/5 animal welfare rating with the Global Animal Partnership.

    Blue Goose is a unique family run cattle operation in that we are completely vertical. Blue Goose owns the land, animals, feed, and abattoir, and only our animals are allowed in the program.

  • This allows us to control each step in the process and produce the highest quality product possible. Our cattle graze on high quality pasture in the rich mountain air of British Columbia.

The Sinclair Family

  • sinclair family
  • Doug Sinclair is the founder of the Blue Goose Cattle Company, and the head of our Cattle operations. Doug ensures that Blue Goose ranching standards are consistently applied across the company by working directly with all the ranch managers.

    Doug is the original founder of Blue Goose, and plays a key role in the company to this day. Widely regarded and respected in the Cattle industry, Doug has more than 30 years of experience ranching, and was one of the first ranchers in Canada to see the consumer and cattle quality benefit in pursuing vertical integration.


Our Trout Farmers

  • Blue Goose raises Rainbow Trout in the pristine waters surrounding Manitoulin Island, a secluded location known for its undisturbed conditions, and excellent year round temperatures.

    Our Rainbow Trout are raised in as natural conditions as possible, short of swimming free in the wild.

  • They swim in open net pens at densities that promote healthy, high quality fish.

    Blue Goose owns its own hatchery, producing high quality fingerlings, in addition to its own fish farm.

The Meeker’s

  • sinclair family
  • Mike Meeker is the founder of Meeker Aquaculture, and head of our fish operations. In his role, he directly manages the Blue Goose Fish Farm in Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

    Mike has been called an innovator and trailblazer when it comes to fish farming and aquaculture. For more than 30 years he has been pioneering new aquaculture practices. Having designed and implemented Ontario’s first submersible cage system, and oversaw Canada’s first and only organic Aquaculture certification at Blue Goose Aquaculture in Manitoulin Island.

    His drive and passion for fish farming has not gone unnoticed. Mike was elected and is the current president of the Northern Ontario Aquaculture Association. In 2008, Mike received the Premiers Award for Agri-food Innovation, and in 2011, he received the 25th Anniversary Entrepreneur Award by the Ontario Association of Community Futures Development.


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