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Chicken Breast,
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    Blue Goose partners with a select group of family run farms in Ontario to raise its AABF (Antibiotic and Animal By Product Free) and Organic chickens.

    At the farms, our birds are raised on wholesome, vegetable grains without the use of any antibiotics or added hormones. They also have space to roam in modern barns with natural light, natural perching conditions, and ventilation, and have access to outdoor pastureland when the weather permits.

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chicken breast
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Premium & Certified Organic Beef

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    Blue Goose has been proudly raising Organic cattle in Cariboo, BC, since 1992. Our cattle are Canadian Angus certified, are certified Organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, and are a GAP 4/5 animal welfare rating with the Global Animal Partnership.

    Blue Goose is a unique family run cattle operation in that we are completely vertical. Blue Goose owns the land, animals, feed, and abattoir, and only our animals are allowed in the program. This allows us to control each step in the process and produce the highest quality product possible.

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Get hooked on our Delicious fish.

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    Blue Goose raises Rainbow Trout in the pristine waters surrounding Manitoulin Island, a secluded location known for its undisturbed conditions, and excellent year round temperatures.

    Our Rainbow Trout are raised in as natural conditions as possible, short of swimming free in the wild. They swim in open net pens at densities that promote healthy, high quality fish.

    Blue Goose owns its own hatchery, producing high quality fingerlings, in addition to its own fish farm.

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Blue Goose fully cooked products

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    Blue Goose fully cooked products offer the best of both worlds – convenience without sacrificing on quality. Choose from our range of fully cooked items that are all Antibiotic free and made with pride by Canadian farmers.

    Make Blue Goose a part of your dinnertime spread.

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